It's Q4. I'm A Junior Associate.

Q: What should I be focusing on? A: It’s a common misconception that your first years at a firm should be spent focusing primarily on getting work, and getting it done. That’s simply not the case. This is especially so in Q4: your managers are making assessments of your performance, and you should be doing the same of theirs, as well as your own. 

So I'm A Finance Attorney...

Q: What are the “sells” of my specialty? 
A: Finance offers broad exposure to a range of commercial issues as well as substantive transactional and advisory responsibilities that will make you a strong attorney. At the same time, it’s a narrow enough area of law for you to get your arms around in order to feel like an expert in your craft. 

What are the Do's and Dont's for Working Successfully With a Recruiter?

No confident, well-respected recruiter will pressure you into a decision that doesn’t make sense for you. That potential short-term gain would be detrimental to the recruiter’s long-term reputation and continued success. So, if you are working with a leading recruiter, be open and honest, knowing that the recruiter will be the same with you.

Does Undermarket = Underpaid?

Does being “undermarket” mean you’re underpaid? Not necessarily. But to make that determination, you need to fully understand what you’re stepping into (and the tradeoffs you’re making) and the landscape of this new market that you’re in.

I Don't Want to Practice as a Lawyer Anymore...What Now?

I won’t lie to you: finding your professional “happily ever after” is a journey. It was for me, and will be for you, too. That said, I’m writing this article because this is a topic so rarely addressed, and because I want you to know that you’re not alone, and that you do have options.

Should I Consider Exploring the Market Even If I'm Happy at My Firm?

Exploring the legal market and discussing your career aspirations does not necessarily entail leaving your current platform. Rather, think of it more as an opportunity for you to learn whether or not you’ve given yourself the best perch from which to stay competitive with your peers and to move ahead in your career and overall life goals.

Does Your Partner Mentor Have Enough Juice to Promote You?

If you really want to maximize your chances of achieving partnership, you also need to be strategic about who you hitch your star to. A critical part of what you should be thinking about is whether your partner mentor has both the ability to get you promoted, as well as the inclination

So, You Want to Be a Partner?

To become a partner, being an outstanding associate–one who has technical talent, a strong work ethic, adroit client management skills and a likeable personality–is necessary. But it isn’t sufficient. Many law firms have more stellar senior associates than they could ever promote.

So, You Want to Move Closer to the Business Side...What's Your Plan?

“I want to move to the business side…” is a very common response from law firm associates. I can’t tell you how many times we speak with associates who were deciding between law school and business school and now they want their next professional move to be further away from law, and closer to the corporate side. 

How Do I Chart My Career Trajectory?

I have recently been speaking to many 2nd/3rd years about their careers and the value one has in charting a career path as early as a 2nd or 3rd year. I do not mean to suggest that if you haven’t figured out which direction you would like your career to move in by this point that you’re doomed, but it never hurts to start thinking about these issues early in your career and to focus your attention on getting the skills you need to be successful and take control of the direction of your career.

Can I Lateral a Second Time?

Careers and lives are not static, and keeping one’s mind alert to opportunities and strategic planning is critical to maintaining a vibrant and satisfying career. Most employers understand this – as long as an associate can provide a compelling narrative for why she seeks to change platforms. A second lateral move, therefore, is not only possible, it might even be advisable in some instances for professional and/or personal reasons.

What's the Shelf Life of a Law Firm Associate?

ou cannot just “put your head down and do your work;” you need to be aware of your timeline of marketability (and what to focus on during those years) so that timeframe doesn’t pass you by. This refers both to your marketability for making a move to another law firm and your devolving value at your firm as you become more senior. 

How Do I Succeed as a Junior Associate?

If you’re a recent law school graduate, first and foremost, congratulations. While my law school days at Duke are but a distant memory, I appreciate that law school today is no walk in the park and excelling at law school is even more of an accomplishment. Given the rebound in the legal market, more and more of you have ended up at prestigious firms and are now enduring the challenges that entails.

What's the Best Time of Year to Make a Lateral Move?

One of the most common questions associates ask me is whether there is a particular time of the year when they should start to explore other opportunities. But the truth is, there is no “one time fits all” approach that applies to exploring other positions.

How Do I Manage My Career During the 4th Quarter?

First, take a deep breath and do not succumb to the idea that you’ll just deal with everything “later”. The fourth quarter IS the perfect, and most logical, time to organize your thoughts and get on track for next year. Starting this process now is more manageable than you think!

How Do I Choose the Right Recruiter?

 It’s the recruiter’s job to understand the market and, to not only know what opportunities might be available, but to help you ascertain which opportunities might make sense for you. A meaningful relationship with a recruiter is truly a partnership and one where the right recruiter will be an essential advisor and career counselor to you throughout your lateral process and beyond.

Ready to Leave New York?

For some of you there comes a time when you’re ready to toss the Big Apple and all that it offers. Perhaps you are looking to raise a family, want to be closer to home, find a city that offers a better cost of living or improve your work-life balance. If leaving New York is something you’re seriously contemplating now or even down the road, now is the time to start preparing.